Bliss Factor is a four-week virtual course designed to transform the way you experience life, reconnect you with your most beautiful parts and empower you to create all that you dream of for yourself.

  • Do you ever look at other people and think happiness seems so effortless to them?  Do they seem to have something that you don’t?

  • Do you long to feel authentic confidence, radiance and unwavering self-love?

  • Do you ever feel as if you’re just going through the motions in life, as if true happiness is right on the other side of some invisible veil? If only you could just achieve this or attain that—then maybe you will be happy?

Do you long for a life full of bliss--with more magic, more synchronicity and more perfectly placed coincidences in every single day?

Using a combination of audio lessons, writing exercises, and meditations, we will take a deep dive into the truth of who you really are, so you that you can reclaim the self-love that sometimes gets lost as we go through life. Then, armed with this newfound acceptance and appreciation for yourself, you will learn to reclaim your authentic power and confidence. You will awaken your sexy swagger and that je ne sais quoi that has been inside of you all along so that you can live a life of freedom, expression, creativity and abundance.


Magic.  Synchronicity.  Perfectly placed coincidences in every single day.


Bliss Factor is practical, actionable and designed for normal, everyday, people.  Busy-ass moms, busy-ass career boss ladies--those who are overworked, stressed out, depleted and just feel like something is missing. 


It’s for the people who've just grown used to not loving what they see when they look in the mirror and are ready to change that story and learn a new way--a way of unwavering self-love and confidence that cannot be shaken or taken because it is not dependent on anything or anyone.


It’s for people who believe, with even the slightest shimmer of hope, that life is meant to be filled with more joy, more passion and more peace than what they've been experiencing. 


If these words resonate, then this program is for you.



In Spirit, Angie will share her personal story of how she created the Bliss Factor program based on her own personal journey and the tools she used to transform her life and heal her soul. She will teach you a new, more loving way of understanding life, how to recognize the fear at the root of all malice in the world and how to find your inner bliss, a place of refuge that you can return to at any time. She will teach you the beauty of letting go of the need to “white knuckle” your way through life, and the freedom that comes with surrender and simply allowing life to unfold around you exactly as it’s meant to.

What you can expect after week one:
Following week one you will have a new sense of peace as you begin to awaken to the synchronicity, love and guidance that is available to us at all times.

bliss factor, self-love


During week two, Self-Love, we will take a hard look at your relationship with yourself. We will look at all the wounds that your self-esteem has suffered along the way and trace them to their root cause so they can be healed and released. You will learn tools to turn your biggest wounds into your greatest strengths and learn why you are so worthy of your own unwavering love.

What you can expect after week two:
At the end of week two, you will have gained a new BFF…yourself. And you will have a newfound sense of “coming home,” as if you’ve found something you’ve been looking for a very long time.


During Power we will look at all the ways you’ve been giving your power away and how that’s been depleting you. You will experience a profound shift in your energy as you reconnect with the authentic power that lives within you. When drawing from this source, which is limitless and abundant, you can create a life that is beyond your dreams and manifest whatever you desire for your life. We will learn some powerful tools for forgiveness, cord cutting, and manifesting.

What you can expect after week three:
At the end of week three you will feel…well, empowered. You will see how clinging to the outside world for validation has caused you so much unnecessary suffering and realize instead that you have all the validation you need when you learn to stand in your own authentic power.

Bliss Factor, bliss


Do you feel like your sexuality, creativity and expression are in sleep mode? Sometimes life gets so busy and we are pulled in so many directions--- we get so caught in doing and we forget that our truest selves crave less doing and more being. During Bliss, you will learn to get into a state of allowing, or ‘in the flow’ so that you can reconnect with your life energy (aka that sweet, sexy Shakti fire!) and experience life with more vitality and aliveness. Bliss is all about creating, expressing, and being.

What you can expect after week four:
At the end of Bliss, you will be walking with a new sense of swagger, a new sense of S Factor, and a renewed passion for life. You will have taken some time to get clear on what brings you joy, and how to bring more of that into your very precious and very fleeting life. People will be drawn to your energy. You will awaken that sexy fire that has been begging to come to life!


A relationship with your new BFF (yo’ self!) which is based on unwavering self-love, compassion and loyalty.

A feeling of coming home as if you’ve reconnected with a place inside of yourself that’s been whispering to you all along.

More presence. More magic. More synchronicity and perfectly placed coincidences.

A joyful buzz in your life as you realize that life is being lived through you in the most perfect way.

A renewed sense of passion and a zest for life.

More creativity, sensuality, expression, and playfulness.

A new connection and adoration for your body as you finally make peace with those body demons that you’ve struggled with your whole life.

More happiness in your relationships as you begin to bring your newfound joy into your everyday life.

A sense of peace about the state of the world and a deep desire to be love and spread love in a way that only you can.


Each week you’ll have access to a new module in the online portal—Spirit, Self-Love, Power, and Bliss. The lessons will be a combination of audio, guided meditations, written exercises, daily practices, group coaching calls and the support of an online community of like-minded soul sistas!

You’ll receive a digital workbook with inspirations and over 20 pages of exercises to help you remember your most beautiful parts and reconnect with your most trusted ally—yo’ self!

You'll also receive guided meditations (that you can download and listen to anytime, anywhere) to help you connect with your own intuition, led by your very own Spirit Guides, to heal what is broken and shed the skin that no longer fits!

Bi-weekly coaching calls where we can discuss the changes that are taking place and work through any blocks that are coming up for you.

The option to listen or read the lessons, whichever feels best for you.

Access to a private Facebook group for all Bliss Factor members where I’ll be dropping by regularly to answer questions and guide you through this journey that I’m so passionate about.

Lifetime access to the Bliss Factor training portal.