Hey, hey–I’m Angie.  Well, actually my birth name is Angela Wing, which literally means heavenly messenger (with wings and all).  My mom meant to name me ‘Angie’ after a song by her favorite rock and roll band, the Rolling Stones, but my grandmother insisted on Angela since Angie isn’t a recognized name by the church.  My gram won that battle and a heavenly messenger (with a rock and roll spirit) was born.

I didn’t always make the connection between my name and my calling in life but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been aware of a voice that whispers from deep inside telling me that there is something that I must do during this lifetime.  It’s almost as if I brought this mission with me into this life and had to grow into its meaning.  And I have been very busy doing just that.

Those who know me best have watched with skeptical amusement as I’ve scoured the earth in search of how I might fulfill this cryptic (sometimes maddening) mission.  In college, I took an interest in international affairs and I became haunted by the idea that so many people were suffering and being exploited while I got to live in the richest country in the world.  I got a very fancy Master’s degree with plans to move to Africa, live in a hut and single handedly put an end to poverty once and for all…maybe I’d win the Nobel.

But my degree was so expensive that upon completion I found myself to be impoverished…how can I help the poor people when I am the poor people?  So I joined corporate America and set my sights on more realistic pursuits.

I have spent a considerable (bordering weird) amount of time thinking about all of the problems in the world.  The earth is suffering.  The people are suffering.  And how can we live in a world with so many homeless puppies?

Taken at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai,Thailand

But I finally got my answer a few years ago when my whole world fell apart.   It seemed that everyone I loved had been taken from me and I found myself all alone at the bottom of nowhere, praying to a God that I wasn’t even sure existed.  “Hello up there.  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m all alone and I’m really sad…and I’m not the only one.  I need help.  The world needs help.   Aren’t you going to do something?”

Beautiful things can happen in the midst of surrender and though I didn’t yet realize it, that darkest night of my soul was only the beginning of my transcendence.  In my quest to heal my own sad heart, I became like a brave little tree in a forest of darkness.  The magical experience I’d had in the woods the day my mother died ten years earlier (more about that later) served as a tiny ray of light shining through the thick canopy of sadness and I clung to that light for dear life.

I reached and I grasped and I grew toward that opening where that ray of light was shining through.  It was my only way out–my beacon of hope.  I didn’t even realize it was happening, but my branches grew long and strong by reaching for the light and eventually they rose above the darkness and into their own beautiful illumination.  My roots took hold deep within the fertile soil where they found their very own well of inner bliss from which they could draw from at any time.

And here’s the best part…it was through my own healing that I realized how I was to help the world.  I used to get so frustrated–trying to solve all the problems in the world is like putting a Band-Aid on a massive wound.  And then I realized, it’s only by healing the root of the problem that we will ever live in a better world.  And the root of the problem lies within us all.

All the sadness, violence and poverty we see in the world is just a projection of the fear and separation that lives inside of us.  I realized this through my own healing–all of the pain and suffering that I was experiencing was a result of my own fear.  But when I healed that fear and replaced it with a more compassionate perspective, my way of seeing and experiencing the world changed completely.   I now feel an immense love and compassion for myself and for others.  I experience life with more synchronicity.  More perfectly placed coincidences.  More light.  And more magic.

So many of us are just going through the motions…knowing on some level…that life is meant to be more, but we just don’t know how to get there.  We cling to those fleeting moments of happiness but they are elusive and they slip between our fingers.  We long for more peace in our world and more joy in our lives.  But we stuff this longing down.  We stuff it down because we fear there is no answer.

But I’m living proof…there is a better way.

The happiness we are longing for for is possible!  The ray of light we are looking for has been inside of us all along.   We all just need a little love to remember our most beautiful parts.  We heal the world and our lives by healing ourselves, because we are the world, and we are all connected to each other.


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